What to do if forgot password of WiFi

Что делать если забыл пароль от WiFi

The modern world generates ever-growing information load per person, on average. Therefore, the situation when the memory disappears from valuable information becomes commonplace.This is especially true with the access codes. In the human mind can be easily erased passwords from e-mail, but an occasion when the user has forgotten the password of the WiFi, go into the status of regular events.


To restore the memory is not always a virtue, and considering the requirements of information security to the length of the key — unreal. So the answer has to be sought not in its own memory and disk, more precisely, its system partition. For these purposes, it is recommended that the application WirelessKeyView, download that from our web site, you can: fast, free and without registration.

Electronic tablet for memory

Such is the role of WirelessKeyView. The positive aspects of the utility should include the following factors:

  • work offline, without prior installation;
  • no cluttering of the system, the registry and the Windows folder is not altered;
  • low CPU and RAM;
  • high speed code, the successful result is guaranteed.

In fact, this is the best “pill” that instantly eliminates headaches, in a situation when you do not know what to do if forgot password of WiFi.

The program has resorted to illegal actions in the extreme case. Standard, access keys are retrieved from the corresponding files are reserved for system services. Therefore, high speed of obtaining of result is quite natural: waiting the selection of the code is extremely rare.

Can how to crack someone else’s key software and to help a friend if he forgot the password of WiFi router. It’s real: easy application also on the USB media, can be run directly from a flash drive.

Capabilities of the software treatment of memory

The utility is not limited to the current system. If on a PC there are multiple OS, then restore the key to each of them. Regularly update the application code, eliminate problems with its performance. On any version of Windows the software will “remember” your forgotten password fromWiFi.

The ease and convenience when working with the utility are achieved informative interface and the absence of elements that require specialized settings. After running the analysis of system resources, accompanied by the display of the information received. The program gives name network, WiFi adapter, encryption algorithm used and the password from the WiFi router, I forgot, in two forms: ASCII and Hex.

The obtained information can be saved in any convenient method. The program allows you to record and store data in one of the following file formats:

  • standard txt;
  • text, tabular tab;
  • HTML;

Alternatively, you can just select the key, then copy it to the clipboard. This is particularly effective if you have forgotten the password of theWiFithat makes the restoration procedure as quickly as possible.

The effectiveness of a method to recover the password it high speed and mobility, make the application particularly popular. However, his biggest advantage is free distribution and use. Small size utilities, the lack of pre-installation process — allows you to quickly download it, if necessary.

Latest version of the application the visitors of our portal can always get comfortable: without registration, without torments of their own phone sending unnecessary SMS messages.