How to know the password of wifi

Как узнать пароль от Вай Фая

The relevance of the question how to know the password of the Wi-Fi does not necessarily apply to other network. Often, the access code private wireless network is displaced from the memory of man. Fortunately, the memory on the computer continues to store it.

Therefore, to recover the password from the Wi Fi problem – really solved, and I’m pleased to say, it occurs rather quickly. App WirelessKeyView retrieves the keys stored in the respective Files, network Windows services.

Small specialized utilities remain relevant even in the age of global universalization

The advantage of the application performs a specific function – high performance, guaranteed results and no adverse effects on the system. Typically, this software WirelessKeyView and there is no exception, operates independently, without requiring installation. While system areas: directories, registry, dll-processes — remain unchanged.

A striking example of this is the utility that allows to find people by cell phone. Specializing in localization of the location of the mobile device, the application sets the coordinates of the subscriber data from three different sources:

  • GPS;
  • the base station of the mobile operator;
  • point WiFi connections.

As a result of Autonomous specialized utility provides the coordinates with high accuracy. Download this app, as WirelessKeyView, you can have absolutely free and without registration.

The versatility of the product is compatibility with the various implementations of Windows starting with XP

Undoubtedly, the software restores the password of the wifi on the computer, is aimed at OS development for Microsoft. This is because the extraction algorithm of the code is built on the functioning of the network of the service Windows. Regular updates of the utility, leaving it healthy as modification of the operating system. The latest version of WirelessKeyView is fully compatible with Windows 10.

Differences from XP, are associated exclusively with the specifics of services and wireless connection for the average user invisible. Whereas, in a dozen password from Wi Fi is retrieved from the data of the service “WLAN AutoConfig”, then XP for these purposes uses the contents of the “Wireless Zero Configuration”.

Informative without unnecessary lines

The utility interface is designed in a modern style trends, focused on minimalism. Thus, the information content does not suffer. In the application window displays all necessary information:

  • the name of the network;
  • the name of the adapter associated with it;
  • directly the password in ASCII and Hex;
  • the encryption method.

Of course, most users are interested in is the third point, however, to know what network was tied a forgotten password on the computer from the Wi-Fi also useful.

The minimalism of the application is to be created for them automatically, files. The data export is possible, however, only upon user request. After that, as the password from the Wi Fi to find out managed with the utility, there are two ways to store the result: to copy the key inside the clipboard or record the obtained information in the file. The last option includes the following data export formats:

  • text, standard and tabular tabs;
  • HTML;

The autonomy of the software that contributes to its high mobility, it is enough to carry a flash drive with the program below forgotten password did not cause headaches. Alternatively, the application can always be downloaded from us, fast, free, without entering personal data.