How to look password WiFi

Как узнать пароль от Вай Фая

Once at another computer, sometimes it is difficult to protect yourself from such temptation, how to look password WiFi. However, modern technologies require the storage of authorization codes in an encrypted form. Moreover, the encoding is continuously improving.

Originally used WEP, has long given way to advanced technology WPA. Subsequently, even this technique has undergone modifications by going to WPA2. Therefore, explicit method, how to know the password of the wifi, even if your own network doesn’t exist: it remains a software implementation.

Advertising is the engine of progress, however, is not always in the right direction

We offer you the ways to hack your wireless network, if you forget the access key, is not the best way, how to look password WiFi on the computer. Advertised programs, searching the correct code by the method of brute force in a matter of minutes, interesting only for science fiction and lead the user away from the real situation. The scientific approach takes the standard bruteforcer on the selection of key, not minutes, hours or days, but much longer time intervals.

Utility WirelessKeyView hacking code in a completely different algorithm, it just removes it from the system area, as an optimal approach, how to look password WiFi on Windows for versions XP — 10. To access the encrypted key used network operating system services, so the procedure is actually legal. In addition to the ability to hack other people’s networks; utility has a number of advantages.

Positive aspects of working with application

The main attractive criteria WirelessKeyView: full guarantee of successful results and a free service. However, they only list positive experiences from the program is not limited to, its complement:

  • autonomy, the utility does not require installation;
  • non-interference in system processes;
  • the lack of generated waste.

All these factors are interrelated. In fact, WirelessKeyView stand — alone executable file that contains the algorithm how to see password of WiFi on Windows for the current system or OS from other disk. Therefore, the need to create additional lines in the registry – no. Also there is no need saved to log files. The detected authorization information is displayed in tabular form on the working window of the utility. There’s also contain the accompanying data:

  • the name of the network;
  • encoding type;
  • information on the adapter.

Creating files is governed exclusively by the user. If necessary, on the computer how to look password WiFiand to remember it: there is no corresponding option to save the detected information to a file. Export formats: text, spreadsheet, HTML, and XML.

Mobility development

An important role in the popularity of utility plays its mobility. The lack of additional requirements on the operation of software that allows you to transfer the software to a flash drive. Especially given the fact of its meager by modern standards, size. Even without having the app at hand, you can always download us: free of charge, without filling in registration forms or packings SMS messages. This is the best option how to look password WiFi for your own network and to help a friend.

Of course, this way you can steal network passwords from another computer: insert USB flash drive and get the required data, is less than a minute of time. Autonomous operation of the program will not leave traces of your activities. However, how to use the software, everyone decides for themselves, our site only offers it for free and unobtrusive.