Program for hacking Wi Fi password


The situation when you need to hack password Wi Fi, does not necessarily imply access to the other network. Often it is about the method to restore the lost code to their own wireless connection. The actual cracking does not occur, the user is simply returned a forgotten key. The advantages of this approach: guarantee of result and high speed of its receipt.

Utility WirelessKeyView, download for free which will help our portal, remove the access keys from encrypted files, network Windows services. The addition of functionality brute force and cloud technologies (bulky dictionaries are located in the “cloud”), significantly increases the application performance.

The correct placement of accents

There are two ways to find out the access code to a private network Wi Fi, password hack, download a specialized program key recovery. The app combines both approaches, where where brute force is not effective, turn on the decryption algorithm..

Guarantee the result. Speaking of hacking, we mean the standard procedure of key search called bruteforcing, because most of this software use only this algorithm. The probability that the intruder will give you long key: from 14 characters, tends to the freezing point of ice in Celsius. On the contrary, the hacking password Wi Fi WirelessKeyView program, supplemented by an alternative algorithm has the probability at the level of the boiling point of water.

Performance. This is the second drawback of using solely brute force. One thing to look for in the dark black game, the other – to complete the search, looking inside the fridge. The refrigerator stands WirelessKeyView utility, not wasted fingering the keys, and retrieves them from where they are. The result is characterized by brief: watch expectations vs almost instant break-in.

The use of system resources. In his classic work the attacker has a significant load on the processor, requires a decent amount of RAM. On the contrary, hacking the password of Wi Fi program for its restoration goes unnoticed.

Of course, in search of the burglar, you can find a lot of information about applications, issuing code for a couple of minutes. As a rule, the situation is as follows: means a short password containing symbols with one pickup and no case change, or a proposed utility — fake.

Opportunities, utilities, restoring access to Wi-Fi

The main difference between the application – code is not chosen at random. The program has a clear idea about the location of WiFi key in Windows system files. The software is compatible with all versions of popular operating systems starting from XP and resting in the “top ten”.Program hacking Wi Fi password has a simple interface, not able to lead to a dead end, even for inexperienced user.

After launch, the app analyzes the content of network services of the system and displays information on network connections, including:

  • WiFi network;
  • the encryption method;
  • the password as text and hexadecimal format;
  • the name of the adapter.

Open access to all keys used within the system. The resulting information can be placed in the clipboard, for quick key entry or export. The entry data is available in various file formats: text, spreadsheet, and HTML/XML.

Solid positive aspect of the application is its autonomy. Package hacking Wi Fi password download can in just a few seconds, because it consists of a single executable file that does not require prior installation. Missing third-party consequences of the work: changing the registry content or system folders.

The best way is to run the software from the USB stick, increase mobility, and enable them to solve the problem of a forgotten password your colleagues, friends.