Program for hacking Wi Fi

Программа для взлома Wi Fi

Eliminating the attachment to a particular place, the wireless Internet requires a high degree of protection. To prevent hacking Wi Fi network come up with intricate keys, different length and different set of symbol registers. The irony is that such a password is not only difficult to crack, its almost impossible to remember.

Therefore, the situation of loss of access to the wireless network ceases to be rare. How will resolve its standard program for hacking Wi Fi is a controversial issue. Similar software has a number of pitfalls in their work:

  • the dependence of the rate on the length of the password;
  • paid distribution pattern;
  • the result was often missing.

How to overcome them will be discussed further.

Effective alternative or how to hack password legally

The main problems of selection of a key – its length, with its growth of multiple characters the number of possible variations increases exponentially.Correspondingly increases the time required for burglary, and reduces its probability.

A more effective solution to recover forgotten code – WirelessKeyView. We have tool-free download, hack Wi Fi in this case is replaced by an extraction and a decryption key according to the known algorithm.

The application’s functionality is based on the principles of operation of network services Windows, encrypting all the information about the WiFi passwords in the system part of the hard drive. The operation itself takes a minimum of time, completely invisible to the user. Whereas, the attempt to restore access to the regular network hacking Wi Fi key that can last for hours and are more critical for the duration of the time intervals.

The second positive aspect is the guarantee of result. The application will extract all passwords used for wireless connection, after installation of the system.

Mobility, autonomy, ease of use

WirelessKeyView doesn’t require installation, working offline: utility enough download hacking Wi Fi and after that available immediately. The program’s interface contains only the necessary information: a window immediately displays all the data on the detected WiFi connections in a table: name, access code, network adapter.

Quickly enter the key through clipboard. There is also the possibility to export passwords to a file one of the following formats:

  • text;
  • table tab;
  • XML;

To run the program from any computer, simply save it to a USB flash. As such, the application has a broader spectrum of implementation.

Instant hacking other people’s WiFi passwords

Since the utility does not require installation, is small in size, it can be used to obtain information about the keys of the wireless connection on another computer. Thus, WirelessKeyView transformirovalsya in imperceptible program for hacking Wi Fi. Just attach a flash drive to the appropriate connector on your computer and run the application: the process will take less than a minute, received the passwords can be exported to a file on the USB media.

The anonymity of the process is guaranteed by the absence of any traces of the utility. The program does not affect the system part of: registry and directory Windows remain unchanged. Using a standard intruder, on the contrary difficult by a range of factors:

  • for a long period of time;
  • the need for prior installation;
  • a significant load on system resources.

On the contrary, hacking wireless network WirelessKeyView program, is quick, thanks to cloud support. It consists in the fact that voluminous dictionaries are located remotely, in the cloud, significantly reducing the load on the memory system.