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Reliable protection of your own WiFi network has an obvious contradiction.
High requirements for sustainable hacking password, is opposed to human memory. Keep it in a password more than 14 character and composed of a motley of characters, not bearing semantic loading – it is quite difficult. The result is a logical question: what to do when forgot password of WiFi?

Many recommend the application to crack the password, but this approach has a negative point.Functioning is really a burglar, the algorithm which operates on the basis of brute force, will require several days to decrypt the password more than 12 characters. Not the fact that the hacking will be successful.


Recovery in addition to cracking

The best offer is to use a utility WirelessKeyView, has no effective alternatives. The app, along with the technology of hacking, uses another approach would be to extract encrypted keys from a special system file. For this involved information stored on the computer special Windows services.

What else is good WirelessKeyView, download which available for free is the regular updates that reflect the changing ambient soft. Therefore, the app is compatible with Windows versions from XP and up to the last, for today, — tens.

Performance exceeds standard by attackers by orders of magnitude. This is not surprising since the utility only retrieves passwords that are similar to the operating system. The versatility of the software product allows you to work with keys as the current OS, and “nearby” located on another disk drive or logical partitions.

Modification of the latest version of WirelessKeyView in Russian language, brings the software to the local users. Specialized terminology into English, transformed into intuitive readable Russian phrase.

Low load on system resources and the lack of installation

This is an additional reason to download WirelessKeyView, which package consists of a single executable file. Once downloaded, the app is immediately ready for operation without requiring additional installation. Similarly, to remove the soft is not difficult, since there are no:

  • making entries to the Windows registry;
  • addition of system directories with their own files;
  • the emergence of third-party processes in memory.

The simplicity of the algorithm does not require CPU or big RAM: the application runs transparently to the user.

Everything that makes WirelessKeyView – it decrypts the access keys to wireless networks and offers a flexible service to preserve them in the most popular file formats: conventional and tabular text, HTML, XML. Allowed to copy the key to clipboard.

Edition WirelessKeyView in Russian, as well as the previous version of the program works with keys, encrypted algorithms WEP, WPA, WPA2 including an improved method. After launch, the utility displays the following information:

  • the name of the network;
  • encoding method;
  • the password in hexadecimal and text formats;
  • the name of the network adapter.

Enough download WirelessKeyView onto a flash drive, to the intricate keys to access Wi-Fi made room in your memory for more important content. In fact, a flexible master key, operating a completely legal way, will always be with you. It will help not only the owner but also his friends, if you experience identical problems with forgotten passwords to your WiFi network.


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